Cosmetic surgeries. In many countries football is national obsession. Explain why.

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1. Nowadays there Isan increasingnumber of people who improve their physical appearance by surgeries. In my presentation I am going to focus on the topic of cosmetic surgeries, I will present pluses and minuses of it. To start with, there are lots of people who want to improve their look because of lack of self-confidence. They do not accept their bodies or faces. Before surgery they feel better and more attractive. They do it for their good condition, so why not? What is more it is often the only way of elimination barriers that prevent the patient from leading a normal life, such as serious damage caused by accidents or illness. On the other hand the surgery may not produce the look one was seeking. Consequently instead of making the patient happier, it may bad to depression and misery. In nearly twenty of one hundred operations patients had even they appearance deteriorated example the woman who want to change their image and look like a cat for her husband. Spend 2 millionsdolars for surgeries but after these operations she look awful so her husband left her. From the medical point of view a majority of patients had to face with unpleasant health repercussions after the surgeries example are of them lost sense of small after he had his nose operated. Cosmetic surgeries can be harmful for human body . To sum up I think that plastic surgeries have their positive aspects but the fact in that negatives outweigh the advantages of it. People should not endanger their health only for physical appearance.

2. Football is the most famous and one of the oldest team sports all around the world. I think it is because it provides entertainment and emotions to the audience. On the pitch we can see tears happiness and determination to be the best. What is more beautiful goals, wonderful actions, superb perades of goalkeepers are worth to see. Fans of football encourage their team which shouting, singing, clapping what makes great atmosphere. With no doubt this is the most beautiful sport for many people and whole nations.

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