My diary in 2037

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23rd November of 2037

Dear Diary

Oh my God I finished today fifty years. I sit in my armchair, cold me (charms of old age). When I sit in my armchair the remembrance from younger years come back, and that must be funny but I was very strange and crazy person. I remember when I was five, I used to eat milk soup (I hate it now) and I used to build houses and castle or ship with Lego (I had much blocks Lego). When I was ten I would playing into cable. I didn’t used to like make shopping. My daughter is very similar to me when I was younger because I used to be rebellious and I would listen hard music and wear dark clothes the same like she. When I think about my pasts, always it appears smile and nice remembrances. For example, you will not believe my memoir but when I was seventeen I didn’t used to swimming, I used to hate it, but now swimming is the best sport in the world and I very often go swimming on swimming pool in Grifino. I used to have long blond hair and now I have short gray hair (I am so old). Can you believe it, my family remembers about my birthday (they didn’t used to remember about dates of birthday). So I must finish now but I promise I will describe my birthday tomorrow.

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