Essay on Fear - Wypracowanie w j. angielskim na podstawie filmu Alive. Tematem pracy jest "strach"

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Fear essay
People around the world may face many unpleasant emotions. For example, a powerful mental feelings such as fear may happen when individuals experience a difficult or life threatening situation.
Fear is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil or pain whether the threat is real or imagined; it is a feeling or condition of being afraid. I believe that fear is a motivator and has a positive impact on people’s lives because when it has to be faced, people have chance to overcome it.
In the film Alive, the characters in the movie face fear, and they struggle to survive in unpredictable conditions.

In the film, Alive, Frank Marshall develops the idea that fear leads people to do things they wouldn’t normally do. Furthermore, the characters in the film had to deal with starvation, survival and cannibalism in order to live. For example, they were forced to deal with a plane crash in the middle of high mountains near to Chile. They had very little supplies and practically no food.
The only items they had were chocolate and wine which had to be split for all of them.
After a few days they started facing starvation and they had to think of something in order to survive.
Fear is a motivator, and it forced them to use all the knowledge they had.
In order to stay alive, the characters were faced with survival skills. For example, they had to use every useful part of the plane to help them survive. They made sleeping bags out of the seat covers and used metal parts to melt the snow for water. Their struggles made them brave enough to believe in themselves, and help them understand their abilities. Fear made them to be able to think they will survive, but was that enough? In order to stay strong and able to live, the characters had to eat something. The horrible situation they found themselves in forced them to cannibalism. They had to overcome their fears and religious beliefs to be able to eat the dead teammates. Once again the fear was a motivator because they wouldn’t be able to stay alive for almost 70 days without food.
Many people are fearful of the unknown or difficult situations and sometimes it forces them to deal with it by facing the problem in spite of their fears.
Often people are afraid of things, but when they are actually forced to face it, they realize there was nothing to be scared of in the first place. In conclusion, I believe that fear is beneficial, because the experience it gives us can teach how not to be fearful anymore.

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