Prezentacja: sooner or later books will disappear and will be replaced by electronic media

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Some people claim that sooner or later books will disappear and will be replaced by electronic media. This is the topic of my today’s presentation.

Both books made of paper and their alternative forms like audio books or e – books, which are available online, have a lot of advantages and enthusiasts.
First of all, I would like to present the situation of the e – books’ availability. In this case you can often get them for free, which is in my opinion a great advantage. It also has to be said that it’s usually much quicker to download the book rather than buy it in a bookshop or rent it from the library. You can also find various summaries and essays on the Internet that can prove really useful in terms of educational use.
Secondly, one can’t forget the audio books which are steadily gaining in popularity. It’s a great idea for busy people who don’t want to waste time. Why? The explanation is very easy. While you’re listening to an audio book you can do numerous other things as you don’t have to concentrate solely on reading. It doesn’t matter whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam or gone strolling, audio books do not require as much concentration as paper books do!
Paper - made books, however, are valued for the fact that you can take them and read them wherever you want. Moreover, they do not harm our health – they don’t damage our eyes nor ears like the ones mentioned previously. What is more, some people simply don’t imagine the world without paper books to which they have become very attached. Perhaps the point of view will change in a hundred years time, but now no one knows.
Books have many advantages and drawbacks. As far as I am concerned, I don’t believe that books will disappear one day. Instead, I think that the role of literature will change and probably not every book will be available in paper. There is no ideal solution because each one of them has its weaknesses. What can’t be forgotten is that schools keep up the tradition of reading enabling the books to prevail for a long time.

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