Graffiti - dialog(scenka)

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S: Hi Tom, sorry I’m late! I have exciting news for you!Mantis will come to our gallery
T: who?
S: Mantis! Haven’t you heard about him?He’s the oldest and most respected taggers in Cape Town and now he is in New York. I have invited him and he will be hear in 15 minutes
T: what? You want to display here graffiti?You are crazy. This is pure vandalism not art. Those kids scrawled names and slogans which are unsightly and agressive.Have you ever seen such things in highly valued gallery?
S: You can’t distinguish the murals from tags! Contemporary graffiti art is prized and recognized all over the world. This kind of displays were held in Manhattan galleries and in many europeans museums!! Now people appreciate this kind of style. We can earn a lot of money on this excibition! I want to show Mantis work in here!
T: I don’t like this idea...
S: Wait a minute! He’s comming! Maybe he will encourage you to this project.
M: Hi! I’m Mantis Is this “Jonson&Smith Art Gallery”. I have an appointment here at 14.00. Are you Sarah Jonson?
S; Oh Mantis hello! How are you? This is Tom Smith my partner and co-owner the gallery. I would like to display your art here but I’m afraid Tom isn’t convinced to this idea.
T: No, no..... I just prefere the other type of art
M: This is your gallery and your money,but if you whant to make a good deal you should present my work. I know that in 7o’s most New Yorkers hated graffiti, considering it as an eyesore ,that was illegal and punishable by fins. But now graffiti is everywehere on adverisements, toys, clothes, billboards or even political campains,. Now writers get beyond the vandalism. Graffiti became not only for youths in poor, run-down district of black getto. It got to the top and it seems to be trendy. I have organized many graffiti shows, tours and displays and it always lure a lot of pepople
T: No, you still haven’t persuaded me. I’m a staunchest opponent of graffiti art. I think that tags and murals are ugly and mar the city landscape. It is a case for o police not for an art gallery
S: Unfortunetly , Police have fixed on graffiti because the real problems are intractable for them
M: The other thing is that graffiti’s appel lies squarely in the eye of the beholder. Murals express young people feelings,emotions,imagination and show their real problems.One famous writer said that graffiti had been a story of survival, and I’m agree whit him. I think it also break the racial devision, because everyone is judged strictly on skill,We don’t care what you look like,how wealthy you are and what is the colour of your skin. It is important for me because I’m from RPA where the racial problems were always a source of conflict.In New York you should also pay attention on this, shouldn’t you?
T: Ok ok, If it have a good impact on society , I will agree on this exibition!But it is another problem how much it will cost?
S: Oh... man always ask about money!!! You’d better look at this great pictures!
T: Hmm...they aren’t as bad as I thought. I thinkt hat we can show your work here...

unsightly - szpetny
to scrawl - gryzmolić
highly valued - ceniony
to distinguish - odrózniać
contemporary - współczesny
to encourage - zachęcać
to convince - przekonać
to consider - rozważać
make a good deal – zrobić dobry interes
punishable by fins – karany grzywną
get beyond – wykraczać poza
run-down district – zniszczona dzielnica
display - wystawa
to lure - wabić
staunchest - zagorzały
intractable – trudny do rozwiazania
squarely - prosto
beholder - widz
racial devision – podział rasowy
a source of conflict – źródło konfliktów
co-owner - współwłaściciel
to appreciate- cenic sobie, docieniać
to mar – szpecić
eyesore –okropieństwo, brzydactwo

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