Money savings tips for shoppers

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All of you like to go shopping?
All of you have problem with spending to much money?
So, my tips are good for all of you because spending money’s is not bad, it’s just important to stay in control
These tips come from my own experience.

Firs of all, to avoid the trap of impulse buying set up a spending plan before shopping begins, you should have an overall amount you want to spend Than, before you go shopping make a list all of your needs, then fallow it, don’t go to stores where you cannot find anything from your list.
If you not going to west your money, you will west your time.
Second, don’t be like a little child, don’t let commercial affect your decision.

Commercial play off of people’s feelings, emotions and attitudes with numerous merchandising tactics to lure them into spending. For example, many stores use scents, bright colors; music and creative, colorful displays grouped together to encourage people to make purchases.
Third, look for sales in the media, newspaper, radio, and television, Internet; there are many sources for money saving coupons and discount offers. This is very good source of savings. I know, you may think:” what is $0.50 or $1.00? Off”. But, if you count this S1.00 times 30, you will see how much money you can save monthly.
Finally, leave your credits cards at home if you don’t plan buy anything specific. Leaving them at home let you be free from temptation “ buy or not?” and squander your money.
I know, it sounds simple, but for many people, saving money requires a new discipline and manners, anyway, I believe that my few tips will help you do it.

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