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A person imitable in my view is medieval knight Zawisza Czarny (The Black Knight) from Sulima coat of arms. He came from Grabów and lived for 1379 to 1428. His nick - Zawisza Czarny- comes for his dark hair and the fact that he also wore black armor, which survives and is currently locate at Jasna Góra.
He was lusty, well-built, high and very strong knight. His person lived for many ages ago, thus I can’t exactly describe him accurately. Zawisza Czarny knew as bravery, reliability, loyalty, plucky, scrupulous, prowess, greatness of soul. He was honorable and unusually gentle.
Such As Knight he was ideal behavioral pattern for other knights. In the battle of Tannenberg he protected royal and Kingdom of Poland pennon. All his virtues made him famous in many countries and for long time. Today sometimes we say (specially scout): ‘to rely on him as on Zawisza' ("Polegać na nim jak na Zawiszy").
For me Zawisza is an ideal person worthy of imitation, and specially his trait. He always defended Poland - he was patriot. Zawisza became a symbol (icon and hero) and real model genuine knight, who’s we should take a leaf out of one’s book nowadays.

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