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What is evil? I think it is a very difficult question, but I’ll try to answer it.
At first, evil is everywhere, where I’m. Why? I don’t know, but I’m sure, there would be no evil without people. When I hear this word (“evil”) I think about murders, thefts, jails, but also about our small lies, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and use vulgar words. Of course not all of us are criminals, but I’m sure that everybody have done something bad.
Although everyone has his own conscience, he understand evil different way. I think this is the reason why the line between right and wrong things is so thin and so easy to exceed.
In my opinion the main problem is that we all live in a world full of violence. Today, even very small children are watch cartoons full of killing, destroying and blood. Therefore why adults permit children watch this. When they grow up they have problems to decide what they should or shouldn’t do. Furthermore I think, it’s very important how we are bringing up our children. We should give them good examples. Family, school, friends have great influence on young people. Some of them go criminal way in spite of they don’t want this. They want only appeal to their friends and be accept to some subcultures.
Evil is inside of us. We have born like “tabula rasa” therefore when we growing up our evil growing up too, but bad is with us only than when we have inside us more evil than good. I hope I never be one of this person .On the other hand only I can decide what is more important for me good or evil and even though I’ll be somebody like murder or thief, it’ll be only my own decision.

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