History of Snowboard

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Over the years, snowboarding has evolved tremendously. From the first surf-like boards, made up of plastic,fiber-glass, and wood,to asymetric models or freestyle experiments,we- at some firms are proud to have been there from the beginning.

The first boards were developedfor powder, with metallic fins and rudimentary bindings. Not the cap-like structure used in the first commercial models!

The following years were marked by developments in the shape of boards,as well as improvements in the bindings.

Nidecker introducedin 1989 ITS „concept”a carve board showing similareities in shape with today s alpine models.

1991 marked the development of „parfum des neiges”.

Two models will stand apart from the 1998 colletion and build on Nidecker s reputation for technical innovations & know-how of snowboard manufacturing.

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