Review - ‘A walk to remember’

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My favourite film is ?A walk to remember? directed by Adam Shankman. This is a unique romance and drama. This work is based on best-selling Nicolas Sparks's novel. The cast is excellent. The film stars Mandy Moor and Shane West as students. There are also two very famous songs performed by young pop singer Mandy Moor: ?Cray? and ?Only hope? which are very romantic.
The story begins with a Gephardt?s test of membership to a group of famous people in the school. But for a tragic accident of this boy, Landon Caster would never meet Jamie Sullivan. London has to participate in the Drama Club's spring play and is forced to ask Jamie, who is also in this play, for help. They have a chance to get to know each other better. Staging of this play is the climax. They fall in love. Their dislike to each other changes with true love, which overcomes everything, even death. Their ?love never ceases?. They disclose new values in their lives.
I must admit that I am fascinated by the film. The plot is very entertaining, moving and spell-binding. What I like most about the film are dialogues full of romanticism. Also, all actors played very well and convincing. What is more, the music in this film is superb for me. The ending of this film isn?t surprising although the last sentence of Landon is impressive: ?Our love is like a wind. I can't see it, but I feel it?.
I saw ?A walk to remember? five times but I am able to watch this film many times again. When I watch it I feel the same emotions which I felt when I was watching for the first time. This film is brilliant and unbelievable. I can thoroughly recommend it mainly for women, although men will enjoy it, too. See the film and find out. It is well worth seeing.

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