Streszczenie "Dorian Gray"

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This is a story about man who was very keen to stay young for all his life. Dorian?s dream came true when a his friend drew a portrait of him. He was able to stay young while the picture was changing as the years went by. Unfortunately every time he did something wrong the portrait became uncouth. The picture was like the mirror in which he could see his cruelty and madness. Dorian didn?t want to take the responsibility as the freedom and beauty was his only indulgence. The more cruel he became the more the picture changed. Because of him a women, called Sybil, committed suicide. One day even Dorian Gray himself committed a crime. He stabbed the inventor of the picture. Although being young and handsome all the time, he started to fell very exhausted. After all he decided to destroy his portrait. He tool a knife and stabbed the painting. There was a loud cry and a crash. When the servants entered the room they saw the untarnished portrait of handsome man, whereas on the floor was dead man with a knife in his heart. It was Dorian Gray, but his face was hideous and very old.

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