Rozprawka na temat wprowadzenia profesionalej armi w Polsce. Professional army.

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Poland should abandon compulsory military service and replace it with a professional army.

Nowadays in Poland is compulsory military service. Most of young people leave Poland or they try to get bed health certyficate to avoid the military service so it would be good to introduce professional army.

Probably the greatest advantage of professional army is that ferstly only the people who want in join the army and nobody makes them do it. I wan't go to the army – I'm cowardly and attackable. Secondly the professional soldiers would be better trained because they would train regulary and conwinced that introduction new technologies will cause Poland will comand respect among other countries. It will be possible only with professional army. People who want to serv in the army will earn some many because it will be their profession.

The main diadvantage of the professional army are hight military training expenses. The future soldiers will leave to Poland to train abroad in oder to adapt themselves for military service in different conditions and climates.

To conclude, I think professional army is better because civil liberties won't limit and the country will be much safer – every soldiers will be good trained.

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