"The Haunted House"

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For 20 years a house near a cemetery wasn?t visit. It was dirty and base spider?s web when Bob and his friends came in. They had heard a lot of legends before they dared to come to this place. ?One of these legends is very fascinated so I think it?s good for you to know it. Old people call this house ?The Dark Kingdom? so I?m using this name?? said Bob.
In 1899 Johnny Moore built a fortress in the Spooky area. His grandson had live there after that he married Luis Cortez in the 1930`s. They had a daughter ? Emily and for many years they led a pleasant carefree life in their beautiful home. One day when Emily had 13th birthday party her parents had invited many people but it was the last day in her life on earth. It was lovely afternoon in May, everybody were happy and were entertaining. The party has been taking place in a garden when had run out of vine so Emily went to the house. When she came a burglar was opening the safe. She immediately crawled under the bed. While she was lying under the bed the man opened the safe and started pack everything what was into it. He was packing money, jewellery and some valuable papers at what time Emily dropped a glass. He murdered she ago the girl had been persuading the burglar to make a deal almost an hour. Se offered that she won?t nothing say to her father, she wanted only an engagement ring of her grandmother. Although the housebreaker were relentless and killed little Emily. Rumors abounded that Emily was haunting as long as somebody will find her corpse which the robber had hidden in place which only he known.
What time Bob was finishing his story the clock struck midnight and everybody jumped. They had been escaping from ?The Dark Kingdom? until the clock finished. They run as fast as they could. I saw that and I was laughing in my soul.
?The Dark Kingdom? still exists today a decomposing husk with a sinter haunting secret that may never be solved? Will you be the first to solve the mystery or fall to your doom...
Possibly I?m Emily and I?m looking for my way to Heaven? Or perhaps everything is our imagination? who on earth known that...

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