Report on new ways of promotion new soft drink

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To: Soft Drinks Company
From: Imie Nazwisko
Subject: Advertising new soft drink.
Date: 01.10.2007

The purpose of this letter is to comment on the proposed ways of advertising the new soft drink, which is to be launched into the market by your company, as well as suggesting other effective advertising techniques.

Although using media in order to promote new products is very effective, it is also an anachronism in the era when an average TV watcher changes channel as soon as commercials begin. Concerning public interest, famous personalities, glorified by the masses, tend to present the highest efficiency of persuading consumer to buy what the star is advertising in that they want to identify with the famous. Free gadgets appear to be also welcomed, however, at present people seem to throw them away rather than use them in practice as usually they are of no practical use.

Colourful billboards, in my way of thinking, are one of the best methods to advertise products. If you can come up with an attention-grabbing slogan, presenting your new soft drink, or make the ad provocative you will surely steal the limelight for your beverage. If we take into consideration young people, a good way of promotion is sponsorship of sport events of all kinds. Starting from regatta, through motocross championships and with parachuting competitions ending. As far as TV goes, placing the drink in movies seems to me the most effective way of making your soda popular. It is not as disturbing as commercial breaks right before the most important scene in a film and it slips subliminally into people's minds and make them remember it

The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these suggestions is that to gain people's interest in your new product, apart from standard ways of advertising like through the media, free gifts and the use of popular people, you should also employ some, less conventional, but having far stronger impact on people publicity campaign including the ideas outlined above.

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