Napoleon Bonaparte

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Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest historical leader. His name is recognizable all over the world. He made him so popular by leading France army to many victories. What made him an emperor.
He was a short, well-build man, with a smooth skin and nice complexion. His dark short hair made him look very sophisticated. One can notice that he had a long nose, but I think, it made him look quite handsome.
He was very energetic and intelligent person, who had always thought twice before making any decision. He was very determinate person, who had care not about the cost but about the results. His active role in state policy made him very popular, he introduced many reforms, what suggest he was very reliable and modern individual.
In fact, he was very good chess player and even he is an author of chess move named Napoleon. Bonaparte confessed that he was afraid of cats, what was shocking for masses witch were thinking about him as if He was historical icon not a normal person.
I admire Napoleon Bonaparte both as an leader and as a person. His name is one of the most recognizable in the world. Many people thinking about Napoleon, thinks about the greatest leader and greatest strategist. If I would have a time machine I would like to met him and check if it all were true.

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