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„Młode wilki ½”

Młode wilki ½ is the second part of the story about young people at the time of dynamic capitalism. The plot takes place in 1994 a few months before events of the first part. The term “Młode wilki” (young wolves) means young generation that don’t remember the old political system and grow in capitalistic reality. They try to find their place in it. The young people don’t feel connection with their parents because they find them weak in the new world. They want everything from life and don’t like weaknes of their parents and teachers. They love the people who reached success, it doesn’t matter how..
In Młode wilki is less crime than in part one. This is a movie about friendship, loyality and first love. It is also about dreams- serious or crazy. Crazy means fast cars, beautiful girls or exciting parties, serious means finding a goal of life.

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14.5.2008 (21:08)

to napisz sobie dłuzsze samodzielnie!!! co za matoł..