Welcome to Wales

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Welcome to Wales!


Wales is to the west of England. The population of Wales is 3.000.000 (three milion). Some Welsh people sapek Welsh, an ancien and beautiful language. Most English people Carnot understand Welsh. In Welsh, Wales is „Cymru”.

A famous city

The Welsh are artistic and musical people. Many gread British singers and poets come from Wales. The Welsh are famous for their beautiful choirs.


Three are high mountains In the north of Wales In a region called Snowdonia. It is a popular place for tourists to go and visit or climb the highest mountain, called Snowdon. Some of the local people work In agriculture. There are lots of sheep In his area. The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is on the south coast. It is a busy city with a university and large student population. There are lots of interesting places for tourists to visit. Cardiff Arms Park is the home of the Welsh rugby team. In Welsh, Cardiff is „Caerdydd”.

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