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To plan and proper a holiday well, are necessary the money. Without proper amount, we can’t go anywhere. If we think about going abroad, indispensable is passport. In my opinion on holiday is needful a camera, which commemorates the place ours stay. Before departure, we must choose a suitable place. Proper for lazybones is departure in sea, where he might lay in the beach and sun oneself or swim in water. People, who prepare a move, very well are departure in mountain, where they may climb, ski and breathe fresh air. To town is good for people that like tour. Mazury isn’t a good place for people, who don’t like mosquitoes. Abroad drive people, that want know other places and have warm rest. On such departure one should find proper travel agency and book a flight, and find a hotel. Also remember about insurance. At the end suffice, do shopping and pack suitcases.
Spoil a holiday may bad weather. To drive to mountain, we need snow, because unlike we don’t might ski. While being near the sea, we must have sun. Holiday might spoil too sudden sickness or important event, for example death person from family. The lack of money is essential as well. Sometimes keep in departure money we must spend on something other, for example repair or fridge. In the place we can be dissatisfaction from neighbours, impolite service or bad company.
I very like tour, therefore my dream holiday is departure abroad. In other countries are wonderful monuments, places, which I wish I saw and clean seas. Moreover I like drive in mountain. There is fresh air and beautiful views. I like sea, because every usually want all day spend on tan and swim in water. I dislike sit in one place.
Choosing a proper for holiday is important, because from him depend our rest, satisfaction from departure. Usually we spend this time from family, therefore their should be successful, order to all return satisfied. Moreover a holiday is only one in year.

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