Death is not justuce (-Capital punishment)

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proponowane rozwiniecie tematu na mature, nie wykorzystane wszystkie mozliwosci - pole do popisu w czasie dyskusji z egzaminatorem..

The whole people are equal and they should have the same rights. It doesn't matter what kind of crime somebody committed. This person should be treated in the same way. BUT the punishment should be relevant to the crime.
According to this I think that the capital punishment should exist. It exist in some countries and the bigger part of society is glad. There are some religions in which rules order to punish criminals very hard. There are reasons: Man who committed the crime pays for the pain and sadness of the victim's family. If some man killed somebody so the capital punishment takes his life. I think it could be good solution for polish law. This idea "an eye for an eye" is really primitive but it is suitable for our dangerous times. Somebody could say it is some return in our evolution but I think that nowadays people act less than they could and only discuss everything. That is why the prisons are full of the prisoners and people must pay taxes for their accomodation.

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