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Would you like to see amusing actors, funny scene? Then watch "Legally Blonde"!
It is a fantastic comedy and romance.

Elle Woods has got handsome boyfriend- Warner.
One day, he finished their relationship. He acknowledges that they musn`t keep together,because she is crazy blonde and she thinks only about clothes. His wife must be a lawyer.Elle is going to study law.

On first day at school she saw Warner and Vivian. They kissed together and they hold hands. On Vivian`s finger Elle saw a big engagement ring. She was broke.

Some day Elle cried in front of school.Handsome boy-Emmett approached her. They fall in love.Elle forgot about Warner.Emmett helped her to learn law.She finished school and she remained very good lawyer!!!!
Warner wanted to come back to Elle, but she.......

Watch thet film if you want to know what happend in the end. I think "Legally Blonde" is a great film. I t`s my favourite film because it`s funny and romantic.

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