My life

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My life

My name is Milosz. I am twentyseven years old. I live in Old Lomnica. It is a small village but it is a very beautiful site. We have a beautiful stadium . In my village there is primary school with a large gym. My house is big . I live in it with my family. I am student of University in Wroclaw. I am a very sociable man. I am tall and slim . I have big brown eyes and dark hair. I am a very attractive man .

My normal day starts at 6 o’clock . I hate this moment. Later, I go to bathroom to have a bath. After that I eat my breakfast. At 7.20 I go to work. There I meet my friends. At 8.00 the lessons begin. about 1.05 lessons end. Then , I go back to home by bus. When I am at home I have dinner and I go to play on pc. I can relax in this way. Next, I go to the stadium for Football training. When I come back to home I eat supper, do my homework. About eleven o'clock I go to bed.

In my free time I meet my friends. We talk about everything. My hobby is sport and computers . Every day I go to the stadium so as to train with my football team (Lomniczanka) .My hobbies are beautiful girls , computers, internet, gambling .,computer games , computers programs. I am interested in travells, beautiful places, meeting new people. I do my hobbies at home and a sport field with my family and friends.

I live with my mother, father , grandmother, great-grandmother and wife. Her name is Ewa. She is 37 years old. I love My wife.
My mother’s name is Maria .She is a housewife. She cooks tasty meals. My father’s name is Henryk. He is a farmer. He explains me everything when I don't understand.

There are a lat at good things in my life. I have got a cat. It is called Kitka . I play with it every day. I can swim , play the guitar. I like sport very much. I like computer games and write programs. I like spicy foot and laud music and You of course. But not everything is good. I don’t like learning. I don’t like diseases. I can’t fly, cook and tidy my room.

In the future I want to have my own company. I want to be rich, have a big house and a car. I want to have two children and I will do my best in order to fulfil my dreams.

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