Informal letter to my English-spoken friend (Snapshot)

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23rd September

Hi Natalie!

Thanks a lot for your last letter and photos. They are wonderful! ANd Spain is beautiful! And.. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for so long. You know, school, exams..
So, first month of school is coming to the end. But before school there were holidays and I was in the USA! I was living with my grandma and aunt and my stupid cousine (I'm sending you photos of her). I was living in New York, of course. I was at Manhattan, at Fifth Avenue, on the top if the Empire State Building. Two weeks before my coming back home I was in Washington. I saw Capitol, White House, Lincoln Memorial and much more. Then, week later I was at Niagara Falls. Oh.. that's so beautiful place! The most magnificent place in world. Simply, must-be!
I wrote too much about myself. In the next letter you must say something more abour your life in school. I know, we are both dreaming about holidays, but they are over, unfortunatelly. And you must tell me what's about Kathy, is she still ill? It will be too bad if so...
Anyway, I must stop now and catch the post. Say hello to your Parents and Kathy, of course. Write back soon.

Love from

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