Positive and negative sides of having money

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Money are very important in our life. Many things influence from it, but do people who have a lot of money are really happy? Do money bring luck or happiness? Are they the M0ST important thing in our life?

When you are rich you can buy what ever you want to, you do not have to worry about anything, you are simply rich! If you do not have a lot of money in your own safe or bank account in Switzerland, sometimes you cannot afford some things. Maybe sometimes you have to borrow some money from your friends, family? Rich people do not have such problems.

Rich people often become selfish. They do not want to see needs of other people. One of positive sides of having money is that you have enough money to help other people. You can for example pay for school dinners for poor children and you can make somebody happy.

If you are rich, you usually have got very social life. You often are famous because you are rich or you are rich because you are famous. You have got lots of influential acquaintances, but you do not know are they your real friends. Sometimes you are not sure that your husband or wife is with you for you or for your money. You become suspicious and jealous, you do not trust anybody. Protecting money is more important than family, real friends, you replace your character. You think everybody else is your enemy. You make friend with money. Luckily, this is an extreme situation.

When you are rich you can do everything. You can influence politics, economics and government. Your statement is everybody’s statement.

Seldom (quite never) rich people are too rich and they do not know what to do with their money. In practise, I do not know anybody who does not know what to do with his money (maybe because I do not know any real rich person?).

If you work hard, you might become rich. There are many people who become rich by hard work. They have got big, luxurious houses with swimming pools (often in warm, exotic countries) and they travel a lot. Their dreams came true (the results often are very strange). Rich people usually think that they will be rich forever, so they do not save money, they waste it. Poor people put away money for the future use. They have to think like economist.

Money can bring luck if we want to. You can be rich and happy, but you can be rich and unlucky, miserable, too. However if you have got money you have got more possibilities to make your life more interesting.

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