Junk food

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People eat a lot of unhealthy food such as hamburgers, pizza or chips. Why do people eat junk food? It’ s very simple. We are always In a hurry and we don’t hale time to cook and eat healthy meals. People hale less and less time to spend eating, let alone cooking. It’s probably for this reason that junk food has become so popular. Laziness is another reason why people eat unhealthy food. Even if they have time to prepare healthy meals they are often very lazy. Besides many people can’t cook and that’s why they eat this kind of food. And lastly- even I they have time, they can cook and they aren’t lazy- they eat junk food because they like it!

Junk food restaurants are In every country. They names Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger King or Pizza Hut. They offer food which is tasty for many people but unfortunately it’s very unhealthy. Nowadays we don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy and appetizing food so this is why we prefer visiting such places as Mc Donald’s. In a Fast food restaurants there is a clean floor and a girl or boy taking your order with a smile. When you come into this restaurant, the smell of food hits you. But Fast Food places provide a minimum standard.

Some people could said that we should always eat what we enjoy, not what is good for us but I think that eating what we like isn’t very good for our body. Food like hamburgers or hot-dogs are very dangerous for us. We don’t know what there is in it. We can’t see what they put into our hamburgers. Also chips are made in oils which are many times used.

We should remember that this kind of food contains a lot of saturated fat so it is high in calories. Eating junk food can cause heart and liver diseases and we can get overweight.

We should change our habituation of feeding. We should eat more vegetables and fresh fruit which contains a lot of vitamins, microelements and minerals as well as fiber. We should avoid FAT-building sweets, ice-cream, cookies or chips.
Research has shown that people who eat healthy food can deal with stressful situations better and they are happier. You can gain anything from glowing skin to an all-round feeling of good health. In my opinion we shouldn’t always eat what we enjoy. Most important from what we like is that what is good for our body and our health.

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