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keep at sth.-continue working on sth.
keep away from-stay away
keep back-stay back;conceal
keep behind-make sb.remain after others have left
keep sb./sth down-control
keep oneself from-prevent from;avoid
keep in with-remain friendly with
keep sb./sth. off-cause to stay at a distance
keep on-continue
keep up with-stay level with sb./sth
let sth.down-lenghten a garnment
let sb.down-dissapoint
let to punish
let on-reveal a secret
let out-make a garnment looser,larger etc.
let up-lessen,stpo gradually
look after-take care of sb.
look down on-despise-opposit look up to
look for-search for
look forward to-anticipate
look into-investigate
look on-be a spactator;regard,consider
look out for-watch out
look over-inspect carefully
look through-study carefully sth.written
look up-look for an adress in relevant book,visit sb.after lapse of time
make for-move quickly towards
make up-invent story,poem;make an amount complete;compose;reconcile;prepare by mixing
make oneself up-put cosmetics on
make up for-compensate for
make out-complete;fill in;distinguish;understand
put aside-save for example money
put away-put in the usulal place
put down-suppress by force;write down;make a note;attribut to;criticize
put forward-propose
put off-postpone
put on-switch on;increase;pretend to be/have
put out-extinguish;cause inconvinience
put through-connect by phone
put up with-tolerate
run across-meet or find by chance
run after-chase
run away with-steal
run down-loose power(battery);be possitive exhausted;knock down;speak badly of sb.
run into-meet unexpectedly;coolide with
run out of-come to an end
run over-read through quickly;review
run up against-face;encounter
run through-examine quickly;rehearse

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