What are modern needs?

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What are modern needs? Do they have any value?

I think, that the modern need depends from person. It would be the best if I’ll write about my needs, because the person, who I know the best in whole world is me.

Human needs to keep body in shape aren’t complicated. It’s enough to drink water and eat.

I’m a human too, but I need something more. It’s very important to me to have family and friends. Without them I give up. People around me are my biggest value.
My friends always make me happy when I’m sad. They take me out when I’m bored. They are in this world for me, and I know, that I can talk with them about everything. They always listen to me, and that’s the reason, why I love my friends.
My family is also very, very important. Without my parents I wouldn’t be on earth!! Without them I wouldn’t have my house, place to live, place to hide, special kind of place, which is always open for me. My parents are also some kind of friends. But I have secrets ahead of them, just like they have secrets ahead of me.
Another need is to make success. To have great carrer. I want to become a reporter and I’m ready to do everything to ful(l)fil myself. I know, that it’s gonna be hard and I’ll have to study a lot, but it’s my dream and I’m gonna make it.

I think it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
My needs are the most important for me. It thought about everyone. If you believe in yourself you can make huge things! Everything is in your heart. Your needs have HUGE value! Believe in it!

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