In many cities, it is no longer safe to walk through the streets at night. Why is this so and what could be done to improve the situation.

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Walking through the streets at night has become less safe since 1888, when the first serial killer, Jack The Ripper murdered eleven women in London. Nowadays, especially in big cities with a large number of citizens, nobody remember what was happened at the end of the nineteenth century but fear of being robbed or even murdered during evening-walk become common. There are many reasons why is that but all are strictly connected with money and violence.

Certainly steps should be taken so as to solve the problem of poverty. Tendency to part society for less and more wealthy has reached two extremes – people who has and has not money. The major role in this matter has the government. There are no steps overtaken to decrease the level of unemployment. Big industries like mines, factories and industries are being closed down and a lot of people were left with no money on them so for those people should be prepared special schemes and programs which could prepare them for different jobs, improve theirs skills or help them to start own business. Such steps would result in increase profits from taxes and decrease in level of robbers and stealing what can lead to reduce expenses on community services.

An alternative way to overcome this problem would be to encourage the parents to better care of children. Who can have the greater influence on children then they have? The statistics shows that many of crimes on the streets are committed by people under age of 18 so there can be concluded that the adults don't care what theirs kids are doing. So as there should be prepared the practical trainings for parents in the schools which could learn them how to keep good relationship with a child and how to talk about his problems and needs with him. Recent resources shows that the youth which grown up in proper-atmosphere family have better attitude and is less violent. This solution has week probability to be successful because the character of the modern times – people who have the families must have income to live on. They have to working even all the day and have no time for going to trainings.

Furthermore the problem of young people wandering around the streets at night and searching for an adrenaline rush can be connected with boredom and luck of perspectives for mature life. Those people poses a serious treatment for those who want to go for a walk in the evening – they starting fights and often objects like baseball-stickers or knives are used to harm theirs victims. Only way to eradicate this problem is to make changes in educational system in order to show students that a success in life can be reached and advise them to have interests and plans for mature life. Special programs and subjects should be introduced to schools with the purpose of preparation for further life and building the views, which can help them being successful in future. Certainly it depends on person does he want to do something with his life. If students didn't want to going on such classes nobody could force them to do that.

Different danger is the social callousness, what leads the streets to be less safety too. Measures must be taken in order people be more socially conscious and less timid. Articles on television and in newspapers, teaching how to defend you and how to react in dangerous situations should be promoted. Who can help us in difficult situation then the other people? The community should be well informed and prepared to stand up for someone who is in need. There should be also a number of police and patrols raised in order to keep the streets safe. Installation of the monitoring system including cameras on all streets can be helpful in consequences of improve level of security. The likelihood of putting those solutions into practice is low. The government is making reductions in expenses what is leading to decline safety in cities.

To sum I would like to make one essential suggestion or statement – much of conditions leading to keeping safety are of government. The matter of this problem moves toward the money and if the authorities don’t spend more money for services, helpful systems and educational system, the protection of inhabitants won’t be better, because how you can upturn something when you don’t put enough effort in case?

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