Lena and Kournikova

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Za pracę tą z kolegą dostaliśmy po lasce, ponieważ nasza droga nauczycielka nie lubi wibratorów (na gramatykę nawet nie spojrzała).


There were two girls famous for their voices. They were very young because they had only 17 years old. They didn’t know each other. The place the girls met was Moscow Festival. Liena and Kournikova felt in love at first sight. They knew it was destiny. And then, they find out that both of them were bisexual. Liena and Kournikova make their own band called M.A.M.U. Girls worked very hard all days and nights. They were making huge performances on day and hot sex at night. Liena was sad about one problem: Kournikova didn’t want to use vibrator. But on the other hand, they were happy because girls knew that it won’t lead to pregnancy.
M.A.M.U. scored a very big succes in musical business. Fame was known from Moscow to New York and from Kapstad to Kabul because of girls’ french kissing and touching intimating part of bodies on concerts. In consequences some people love them but others hate them for girls behaviour. With time, Liena and Kournikova get closer and closer in psychological and physical way.
One day when they were lying naked in the bad and watching TV, girls saw a couple of man who had got married. Liena decided that they should go to Netherlands and become wife and... wife. Liena jump on Kournikova and said:
-Let’s go there. We love each other!!!
-Yes, but you know... I’m not sure – Kournikova was very confused. – Shouldn’t we wait with this decision, should we?
-What’s wrong? You’re not certain with your feelings, are you?
-OK baby, I agree... But what would I get from it?
-My clever fingers and my deep, wet vagina.
-So I see, I don’t have a choice.
Two weeks later, Lena and Kournikova went to Netherlands, got married and returned to Russia. They lived together in villa.


Liena and Kournikova, two lesbian who married one year ago were famed for their extraordinary singing and sexual behaviour while giving concerts. M.A.M.U.’s music became very popular over borders of Mother Russia.
With time, not girls but not yet a women, felt a maternity instinct. They wanted to have a child. However, there was a problem. None of girls had a penis which is a tool that can give new life. So they were looking for good quality seed. Liena and Kournikova weren’t sure which of them should become pregnant. They decided to throw a coin.
-Heads or tails? – asked Kournikova.
-OK heads. – answered excited Liena.
It falls out that Liena will be mother.
Nine months later Liena gave birth to little Wassilij. They loved him very much. Because Liena was the mother and it was her child whom she spent many hours, Kourniova felt thrown away. Kournikova always thought that English teachers (only women) were very attractive, especially red-haired. She start to have a love affair with that kind of teacher.
One day when Liena and small Wasilij came back from shopping she saw naked Kournikova having sex with that English teacher. She was furious about this view. Liena went to kitchen, took few plates and starts to throw it to Kournikova.
-You fucking beach!!! I was doing everything for you and what I have instead?!? – she screamed.
-I will explain to you... We were studing English words describing sounds and animal voices...!
-That’s unfuckinbelievable!!! You’re lieing!!!
Girls didn’t notice that little Wassilij was hearing every word. He was so frightened that he run out of house. Unfortunatelly, he got run over by the tram.
After this horrible tragedy, Liena and Kournikova divorced. But they’re still close... in the cells in prison. Their band, of course, doesn’t exist now. Only few radio stations remember and play M.A.M.U.

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