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The Victorian era is an important period in the history of Great Britain, associated with the reign of the queen Victory. She ruled Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 and in large countries being under the British possession, among others in Canada and Australia. In 1867 an empress of India stayed. She had nine children which dynasties connected English around Russian, German, Greek, Danish and Romanian. The queen enjoyed the great recognition among subjects.
In the period of the reign of the queen of the Victory in years 1837 – 1901, he developed in Great Britain and he diffused the original style, being characterized by a wealth of forms and an exaggerated adornment, called the Victorian style in Europe. Both Victorian architecture (e.g. tenements and palaces), as well as everyday articles from this period (e.g. furniture and dishes) are easily recognizable.
In the Victorian era Great Britain was an economic power, political and military. She became the empire thanks to getting distant immigrant communities in India and Africa. At that time in England a rapid development of industry took place and it came into existence a lot new of inventions (e.g. forefronts of the underground were opened, they installed electric wiring in streets and they built to cut large department stores). Thanks to that the Victorian era still is being associated around stabilization, with the development and the prosperity .
The Queen Victoria was a queen about distinct and strong moral principles which she tried to instil for their subjects. She helped poor men, she forbided the child abuse in factories and she introduced the education free of charge. However moral norms established by her associated with restrictions of the social life and the censorship adversely affected the development potential of people, and in spite of trials of the seeming social situation many persons lived in extreme poverty. At present wiktorianizm as the symbol of the feigned, rigorous morality and the hypocrisy is forming a relationship rather negatively.
Famous London Tower the Bridge was put on the Thames it is an one among many of monuments of the Victorian era. He is a symbol of engineering achievements of this period – in the moment of the structure was the most modern pivot bridge.
The glory days political and economic of you, and at the same time the development of the British learning (among others the theory of evolution of Darwin), cultures and pieces. In literature he was it is a period of the bloom of the novel, they wrote them among others Charles Dickens (1812 - 1870), Wilde Oscar (1854 - 1900), author „ Books of the jungle ” Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936), a detective novel and her most famous hero were popular, Scherlock Holmes, created by the sir of Arthur of Doylea Conan (1859 - 1930). In architecture he dominated neo-Gothic. Sir Charles Barry (1795 - 1860) and Augustus Pugin (1812 - 1852) in so just raised the style famous building of the London parliament. The wonderful building was erected on the spot of year burnt in 1834 of the Westminster palace.
In numerous museums and galleries in London - of which most important are British Museum, National Gallery, Tate of the Galley – they are collections of world pieces.

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