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Occupations appear and vanish ... Why?

People's job have always been connected with the needs of society, technical progress and situation.In our contemporary world some occupations appear and some vanish. What are the reasons of the changing demands of the market?\

Firstly, it is connected with technological progress. For example, a computer programmer is nowadays new, demand occupation which reflect contemporary scientist development as well as insurance agent or system analyst. Secondly, huge influence of occupations have specializations. Many professions can vary from the others only with details. Furthermore, there is wide range of specializations in job possition in which we can choose. Moreover, the most important factor concering careers are services, which are becoming more and more important. Fewer people are
employed in production doing manual work, nowadays it is more frequently done by machines. Peoplereceive all kinds of services to satisfy they needs: insurance, travel, helath, entertain.

All in all, it seems to me that everyone needs to be prepare for change job even severaltimes in life. It could be expected from us and be progressive. Only those occupations will demand, which serve particular needs to the market.

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