What are your strenghts and development needs as a undergraduate psychology student

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What are your strengths and development needs as an undergraduate psychology student?

“ Some people are afraid of what they might find if they try to analyze themselves too much, but you have to crawl into your wounds to discover there your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin.”
We cannot comprehend any subject deeply without knowing something about its historical background. Signs of psychology can be found back around 350bc, of course psychology process develop since then, so I am able to introduce readers what psychology is in our century. Psychology (study of soul and mind) is science that seeks to understand behaviour and mental task of human or animal welfare, also has subfields are linked to one another and to other subjects, such as economics and medicine. Has enamours areas of psychology fields: examples are: biological, developmental, cognitive, personality psychology and many more.
Motivation is one of the most important strength student should have, but motivation is a problem with which each of us meet every day, even thought we often are not aware of it. In my daily life I often wonder what makes people act this way and not another. Modern psychologists believe that human activity motivates a great variety of needs- from basic to various psychological needs. They also are in the agreement that motivated behaviour is directed at specific goal and always goes witch each other to active the organism.
I am fully convinced that intelligence and ability are significant strengths for psychology student. Every activity associated with human abilities, which manifest themselves clearly in the speed of learning and results of operations. Capacity is determined such individual differences , which make for the same motivation and prior preparation of individual people arrive in comparable external conditions, unequal outcomes in learning and action. Intelligence is a theoretical construct referring to a relativity constant internal condition of human, determining the effectives of activities requiring cognitive process. These condition are formed by interaction of genotype , environment and human activity on its own. We have several types of intelligence: Abstract, verbal, social, creative and emotional. Although it is true that individuals with higher intellectual abilities are characterized by a rapid information processing elementary cognitive tasks that individuals with lower capacity is difficult to understand the nature of this phenomenon.
I cannot avoid next meaningful strength called aspiration- promoters of human action, encourage participation and involvement in the execution of task performed by individuals and social groups. In scientific literature this term is defined in a various ways, however mostly defines the ambitions, aspiration and desires, the wishes of the result of its operations or achieve the desired through a satisfactory state of an individual and meet him award functions. The level of aspiration, its relationship to the possibility of an individual and social reality depends on the efficiency, social adaptation, coexistence with the environment. Evolving under the influence of social conditions and the environment, stimulating activities conducive to improving aspirations and developing in accordance with human needs.
“ Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.”
Bruce Lee
Development needs as an undergraduate student are really high. One of them I wish to present in my work is definitely knowledge. Without this skill is impossible to be a excellent psychologist, because you have to have an idea about solving all the detailed problems in the field of psychology. You must know the steps to investigate human nature, but it is also depends what area psychology you will choose, because knowledge of psychology is enormous and one human being is not able to handle all psychology fields.
Communication skills verbal and non-verbal , it is extremely significant that psychologist is able to communicate in both ways, but we have to remember that verbal communication is consistent with non-verbal communication. Verbal connection is the message reach the recipient that you want to reach. Is responsible for receiving the sender and recipient. Communication received by the sender is equal to is given by the broadcaster. Non-verbal communication are gestures illustrate verbal statements , inform and sometimes express something other than individual states. Facial expressions, but psychologist has to know how to ignore look appearance , as some patients can have skills to hide the expression deeply inside. Non- verbal communication is also: voice, voice qualities 7% of the importance of communication are words, facial expressions, gestures, more than 50%, 40% of the value of voice and speech as such. Strength, colour, intensity, tone, clarity, fluidity, style. . Skilful tuning of the recipient.
“ Ability and willingness to assess and to formulate theorems on the basis of objective and well- justified indication for the rejection of theorems is not evidence – based creative and constructive explanation of phenomena.”
I believe that I am as an undergraduate psychologist has to develop my critical thinking, as psychology using critical thinking every day for helping people. Critical thinking consist of using the principles of logic and requires compliance with certain rules of:
1) Posses good question is one that is specified and must produce objective measurable replay example: What are the source of bad behaviour?-bad question, which is responsible for the cerebral hemispheres, speech recognition?- good question.
2) The term problem issues- should be clarify by means of clear and concentrate concepts for example: which cerebral hemispheres is responsible for speech recognition ?
3) Checking evidence- each conclusion should be supported by empirical evidence; answer: speech recognition is responsible by left part of the brain. The proof: cerebral hemispheres impairs speech recognition.
4) Careful to beliefs and tendency- critical thinking needs our beliefs if the facts militate against them.
5) Avoiding emotional reasoning- in critical thinking is a place for emotions, but we always have to confront our emotions/ intuitions with empirical facts.
6) Avoidance simplification- psychologist should have knowledge about the patients.
7) Consider other interpretations- in the case of many possible theories explaining the psychological phenomena should always choose the simple one of them.
8) To accept certainly no- none theory is complete to the end. Psychologist must be open minded to new facts which can turn change the original theories.

I introduce you to eight points what critical thinking is. So this is my third development I want to achieve as an undergraduate psychology student.
Personal development and career planning are excellent choices to become fantastic psychologist, because I will able to develop insights into my and others’ behaviour, mental processes and apply effective strategies for self- management and self- improvement. How to implement psychological skills, knowledge and values in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings. Personal development will make me aware of my and peoples’ feelings, emotions, attitude on psychological principles. Self-assess performance, put and demonstrate self regulations in settings and achieving goals. In other hand career planning will help me to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of lifelong learning and personal flexibility to sustain personal and professional development as the nature of work evolves. Describe preferred career paths based on accurate self-assessment of abilities, achievement, motivation and work habits.
It appears to me that all strengths and development needs I included in my work are the most meaningful for become an undergraduate psychology student. Aspiration help to strive to achieve desires I want in the future life. Meets the pacemaker function call to take a particular form of activity. Motivation thanks for her perseverance strive to my goal and I am doing everything in my power to get a higher education despite the cost they bring, the nerves and financial outlays. But in the end of the day I am delight wit myself, what I achieved and also have gigantic satisfaction. Ability and intelligence are very important strengths, as the operation that is performed by a person associated with the ability to manifest themselves clearly in the speed of learning and results of operation and also intelligence has a very large impact on the evaluation of the quality of work.
Development needs I chose are the most significant for me: knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking, personal development and also career planning. All without exception help to achieve the best condition for being excellent undergraduate psychology student.
In the future, when I become psychologist my duty will be continuing professional development and striving for continuous personal development. Qualified psychologist should reflect the current level of knowledge and psychological techniques, uses the achievements of world science. Accept the claims and methods developed in other social and cultural conditions must precede the critical analysis of the possible use in our conditions. Psychologist also contribute to development of knowledge, improving research methods, diagnostic tools and therapeutic techniques. Is critical to self achievements. Seeks to impartiality and objectively an assessing the impact of new technologies.

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