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I would like to describe my two best friends. Magdalena Kowalska is one of they.
She is 19 years old. We know each other since I remember. She goes to school in Warka. Magda lives in Warka with his brother and parents. Magda is tall (she is 182 cm tall) and thin, but, like all girls, he says it is thick. I think that she could be a model. She has long fair hair and blue eyes. She is very beautifull girl and boys like her a lot. She wears very nice clothes, those are usually jeans, t-shirt and blouse. She is very smiled and friendly girl. She likes meeting new people. She is very nice and friendly that's why she has a lot of friends. She is also kind, she always helps people. She always helps us with solving our problems. We can go to her with our problems and she always gives us good advise. She has very ambitious future plans. Her dream is to be a psychologist. Magda is a very good student. She is interested in biology and history. She always get A, and she is the best in her class. She is also very talented. She sings and draws very nice. She also plays guitar. Magda is an optimist. Always says "It will be ok, don't worry" and smiles. She loves flowers,mostly white roses. Hers farden looks beautifull in Summer. Its nice and colourful everywhere. She likes watching valleyball matches on tv, because she is also a valleyball player in school team. I thit that Magda is a great person. I`m very glad that she is my friend.
My second friend is Bartek Nowacki. He is 20 years old and lives in Warka. We know from elementary school. Now he is studying in Warsaw. He is medium height. He is one hundred and seventy five centimeters. He is well-built. He has black, short hair, green eyes and a bright smile. Bartek has a large family. His dad has a construction company and for days he is not at home. Bartek mom is a doctor, because at his house, no one ill. Bartek has two sisters, Ola and Martha, and one brother, Martin. Ola i Marta studying in Krakow. By contrast, Martin played professional football. Bartek as Magda is a very nice, always smiling and sincere. His hobby is computers. It is little interest in building a computer and computer programs. When someone has a problem with a computer, he is always happy to help. Bartek also likes to play computer games. Is this the best. Bartek in the future would be a computer programmer and create some really cool game. He also wants to set up their own computer company in which he could sell and repair old computers and laptops. He certainly does. Why? Since it is very conscientious and always strives for his goal. In addition to his hobbies Bartek likes to play football, volleyball and swimming. Marcin has a lot of friends, but I think that he likes me most. I like my friend very much because I can always to count on him, walk on different fun or go to scooter.

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