Advantages and disadvantages of Christmas.

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Christmas is very important holiday for every Catholic. Christmas is a special time when all people are in a good mood. Everyone is happy and cherful. Christams has both: advantages and disadvantages.
The main advantage of Christmas is a fact that whole family sits down at the same table and sings christmas carols. On Christmas Eve every household shares a wafer ang gives best wishes. Later, the whole family goes to church for the mass. Next advantage of Christmas are the presents. On Christmas Eve after the supper Santa Claus gives presents to polite children. This way parents motivate children to well behave for the whole year.
For many people Christmas is only pretext to show the rest family how rich they are. Material things cover spiritiual side of the Christmas. During Christmas we buy a lot of unneccessary items. We spend a lot of money for nothing and we could spend it on the homeless, who especially on Christmas need at least some help. Another problem is rush. Sometimes we forget about our family, who is the most important thing during Christmas.
To sum up, Christmas is fine, unless we do not forget about the most important aspects of it. In other case, Christmas will lack the real atmosphere who is the most important.

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