Insert the correct form of the verbs in brackets so that the sentences express real conditions and

consequences.(first conditional)

1. If I (see) John, I'll tell him your news.
2. He (be) very pleased if it (be) really true.
3. If you (go) to town on Monday, you ( meet) my brother.
4. If you (need) help, my father (help) you.
5. We (have) a picnic lunch if the day (be) fine.
6. If you a policeman, he (tell) you the way.
7. I (finish) the job tomorrow if I (can).
8. I (not require) an umbrella if it (not rain).
9. If she (think) it over carefully, she (form) a clear opinion.
10. If they (catch) the bus now, they (arrive) at half past nine.
11. He (find) the answers if he (look) at the back of the book.
12. If you (want) me to, I (come) for a walk with you.
13. If he (write) to her, she (answer) at once.
14. If you (wait) for a moment, the waiter (bring) your coffee.
15. He (lose) weight if he (stop) eating too much.
16. If she (be) patient, I (try) to explain.
17. I (wear) a purple tie but only if I (must).
18. If we (leave) at once, we (catch) the early train.
19. If he (do) that again, his father (punish) him.
20. If she (drink) this medicine, she (feel) much better.
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