Zad.1/49 Read the rules of the use of gerunds and infinitives and
complete the examples with
the correct words form the

text on page 48.
Write the answers in your notebook.
We use gerunds ...
• after verbs for likes and dislikes, e.g.
love enjoy like hate can't stand don't mind
I like ________ fit.

• after some verbs, e.g.
avoid practise
I'd avoid ________ during the school year.

• after prepositions
How about ________ a sports coach for kids?
We use ifinitives ...
• to explain a prupose of an action
I want to save up some money ________
• after some verbs, e.g.
want help need plan decide learn
would prefer
How many hours are you planning ________?
• after adjectives
It isn't easy ________ what your perfect job is.

Zad.2/49 Complete the sentences with the gerund
or infinitive form of the verbs in brackets.
Write the answers in your notebook.
1. What do you want ________ (do) when you leave school?
2. Do you enjoy ________ (work) in a team?
3. The perfect job is difficult ________ (find).
4. You should practise ________ (answer) questions before you go to an interview.
5. Are you thinking about ________ (work) with children?
6. Some people do volentary work ________ (get) some experience first.

Zad.3/49 Finish the sentences so that they
are true for you. Use gerunds or infinitives.
Write the answers in your notebook.
1 I enfoy ________.
2 I usually avoid ________.
3 In the future, I want _______.
4 I'm going to learn ________.
5 I'm not very good at ________.
6 I don't to find it easy ________.

Zad.4/49 For sentences 1-6, complete the second
sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the
first one. You must use between two and four
words. Do not change any of the words given.
Write the answers in your notebook.
1. Mark's plan is to become a ballet dancer.
Mark is ________ become a ballet dancer.
2. You need to decide if you want to be a chef or no, Emma.
You need to make ________ if you be a chef or not, Emma.
3. I hate working with people who aren't punctual.
I can't ________ people who aren't punctual.
4. Ethan's planning to watch the latest Avengers film od Friday. He's already invited
some friends to watch it with him.
Ethan's ________ film od Friday.
5. Sam thinks it's good fun to work with Lauren because she's outgoing and very
experienced in her work.
Sam enjoys ________ because she's outgoing and very
experienced in her work.
6. I might learn a trade instead of going to universiy.
Maybe I ________ instead of going to universiy.
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