Harry Potter

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The novel for children about boy escaping to the world of magic became the biggest publishing event. No one knows what is reason of this big success. Return to childhood? Escape to imagination or maybe breakdown of good and evil. For some, book is a presentation of value hierarchy. Statiscitaly book was trasnaleted in 47 languages and sold in edition 100 milion copies. Film “Harry Potter and philosophers stone” after 3 months earned 800 milion dolars and became the fourth most watching film in history (after such filming like: Jurasic Park, Titanic, and Star Wars). Psychologists explain this situation as an escape to the world of magic where everything is possible. For contemporary childres’s litrature it is a breakthrough but for adult it is nothing special.

The biggest problem of Harry Potter is church opposition. Some priests explain it as a “dark magic”. But we all make church so that book is accepted. We can’t understand church as only clecirals. A lot of priests say that Harry Potter stupefy and beguile youth.
But another view on it says that Harry filled the market gap. Another successes are gadet. In every shoping center are hundreds of props from film and book. In addition arise new books about history of writting Harry, calendars, postcards, even notebooks. Pottermania capture the World: cookbooks with recipe for magic menu, saints, and dresses. One fan has miscalculated 1 dolar to magic currency: 1 galeon = 4,82$). J.K Rowling the author of the book became the ambassador of magic world.

The first (film) episode of Harry adventures was directed by Chris Columbus. He won the battle with another 20 directors (Spielperg resign). Many ideas impose J.K Rowling. Columbus will direct the second episode but the third Spielberg. The film does not oddawac tresc that’s why a lot of viewers are dissapointed.

So far Rowling has written 7 (all) parts, but only four of them were published. One advaice for everyone who won’t be MUGGLE: charm the world!

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