Would you like to be a star?

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In television, radio and newspapers we can see many, many famous people – stars of entertainment industry. And the question is: would I like to be a star? A famous person with lots of money, fans and everything? No, I don’t like to be a star. Why? The life of star – music, television or cinema – has many advantages… and for me too many disadvantages. Let’s see them.

In first look life of star may be very, very good, for example stars are very famous, have a lots of fans, beautiful fans, who make all for they idol. Second thing: popularly, renowned persons (read: stars) can travel all over the world. They are able to visit exotic countries and realms. Besides stars possess a lot of moneys, a lot of everything. They can make all, what they will. It’s magnificent and splendid! Everyone wants to do it. But not I. The dark face of life of stars is such, that stars have no private life! Busybody fans put their noses in each detail of star life. Star’s life may be very dangerous, because fanatic fans make all, in order that touch their idol. Stars have also a stressful life: they must work very, very hard, in order to keep steady on top. The truth is it, that idols have no time for their families, for children and husbands or wifes. Stars have no really friends, too. Everyone wants to make the most confidence, goodwill or friendly sentiment of star, idol. It’s terrible and horrible.

Recapitulating: life of star has some advantages (money, fans, voyages), but disadvantages make this lifestyle for me and for my friends uninteresting, unattractive and unappealing. For others may be.

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27.7.2006 (12:28)

super praca , moim zdaniem jest swietna , chociaż ja napisałabym lepszą :)

27.7.2006 (12:17)

Fajneeeee zaraz sobie wydrukuje mam nadzieje ze dostane dobra ocenke ;)

27.7.2006 (12:08)

"Recapitulating". ROTFL.
Praca marna jak diabli, dobra rada - nie bierz się za angielski. Poważnie. :)