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Thanks for your letter. What have you been up to? Sorry, I haven?t written for long time, but I wasn?t able to write something, because I broke my arm. I did it when I was skiing. My arm was immobilized for four weeks. Now I?m feeling very good.
Guess what! Two weeks ago I was in Cracow, at Pomorska 2 Street. I met Joanna Czechowska, Sebastian Wątroba and other Commissioner and I got their autographs.
Enough of all that. In Monday I met Sally in bookshop. I found out, that she is going to London! She tells me, that their parents bought a big house there and they are moving at holiday. She sends her love.
What do you do? What is your new school like? And your friends? Do write to me and tell me about your ?new life? in High School.
And what?s up in Marcus? I know that he lives at the same boarding-school that you.
Must dash- Mum?s calling me for dinner.
Take Care,
P.S. May we meet at the weekend and look back on ?auld lang syne?, when we used to go to the same class? If you have free time, certainly.

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