Jules Gabriel Verne

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Most people are interested in reading science fiction books. One of the famous author, known as the grandfather of science fiction is Jules Gabriel Verne.
Although he was famous, not many people can tell about his biography.
He was born into a respectable middle ? class family in Nates in 1828. As a child, he had a wonderful life. When he was seven he started school. Jules Gabriel Verne was a very intelligent person so he went to university after school. He studied a law. He was very curious the world. He had many friends. As well as being the top of group, he was also interested in sailing. In fat, he had a three boats. It is amazing that so busy a person could have some spare time to enjoyed himself.
Verne liked parties a lot. Once, at the party he met his wife Hanorine de Viane. They got married in 1857. They had a son. His name was Michael. They had a happy, family life. Jules worked as Stockbroker so they could afford many things.
Many of his books are great: ?Five Weeks in a Balloon?, ?A Journey to the Centre of The Earth?, Twenty thousand leagues Under the Sea, ? Around the World in Eighty Days?, ?From Earth to the moon?.
One hero of his interesting books is a Capitan Nemo. He is a builder a original Submarine.
Jules Gabriel Verne was a very talented man. His book are popular in the whole world. He died in Amiens in 1905 at the age of 77.

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