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Telephone dialogue:

S: Good morning.It is Susy Calen,
A: Yes. What can I help you?
S: I would like to ask about the flat which was advertised in yesterday's newspaper.
A: So, what would you like to know about it?
S: Well...First of all I wonder where it is situated?
A: It's in the suburbs of London, about 12km. from the city-center in Wallstreet.
S: What mens of transport can I use to get there?
A: It is 5 minutes from the street car line and 3 minutes from the nearest bus stop.
S: Hmm...that's really good. So, how big is this flat?
A: It is not very big. It consists of: a kitchen, two bedrooms, one small livingroom and quite big bathroom. About 63 m3.
S: There is one more very important question. Is this flat furnished?
A: Unfortunately it is not completly furnished. There is no furniture in the livingroom and bedrooms but the kitchen and bathroom are furnished.
S: Could you tell me something about the neigbhours?
A: The people who live there are rather young. They wre helpful and friendly.
S: And the last question about the price. How much is the rent?
A: 250 $ per week.
S: Wow! It is a little big price...ekhem...Are the bills included in the rent?
A: Yes ofcourse but telephone bills must be payed by you.
S: That's better. OK. When can I come to see this flat?
A: We can meet tomorrow at 5 p.m.
S: OK. I agree. I will come tomorrow. Could you give me the adress again?
A: Yes, sure.Wallstreet 12. On the corner of Brakestreet and Cottonstreet.
S: I think I will find it.Good bye!
A: Bye. See you tomorrow.

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