Characteristic of Dorota Rabczewska

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She is a very popular Polish singer. She is of middle height and she has a perfect figure. She is extremely sexy and we can call her a "leggy woman". This woman catches the eye of many men. She like displaying her breast by wearing tops with a deep neckline. She also wears shorts skirts and boots. This pop-star has long fair hair and beautiful hazel eyes. Her teeth are as white as snow and she shows them very often because she always smiles. Perfect make up underlines her natural beauty. She has a beautiful tan and her skin is light brown.
She is extremely confident and energetic person. This singer always says what she thinks. She sometimes user vulgar language and her statemants are often shocking, that is why our star is such a controversial person.

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12.6.2007 (14:54)

heeee.... boskie Very Good :D

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