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Dear Adam,
Sorry I hadn't written for so long, but you won't believe what happened! I 've met a girl. Her
name is Anna. We met in the park opposite my house (You know, I had written about it
before). She's reading a book on bench and I sat near down. Then we started to talk about her
book. We ofen walk in the park and go to cinema or to friends. Already I saw her, I have
known it's it. She's beautiful brunette with brown eyes (body in pear ;p ), all in all she's ideal
girl. She's emotionaly, sensitivity, nice and talkative. I thing the best in Anna is that She's
ordery. But one thing in Anna annoying me: She never remember when we have to met.
However before all date I call to her and recall about date. What about You? Write as soon as
You can.
Take care. XYZ.

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