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41 Dabrowskiego Street
05-803 Poland

The Lonsdale Trust
The Secretary
153 Hatton Terrace
Bath BA1 9QF

10 October 2006

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have seen your announcement in a student magazine, in which you write about special grants, offered to young people who would like to study abroad. I am writing to you, because I am very interested in this.

I am a young, creative management graduate. I have studied management for five years, at Pcimsky University. During my education at that university, I have cooperated with many different schools from all over the world. I have been also to Sweden twice, to represent my school at “ International Colleges Comparison”, where we won the second prize. After management studies, I graduated in the law faculty.

As a proof of my English language skills, I have passed the CAE exam with A.. I am preparing myself to take the CPE exam next year. As far as other languages are concerned, my German is very fluent, I can also spek French very well. I have been learning all of these languages in professional teaching institutions, like British Council, or sterreich Institut

During my spare time, I tend to parachute every weekend. It is really exhilarating activity. I appreciate scuba diving. Also mountain-climbing is a great pleasure for me. As you can see, I try to lead a very active life.

Thanks to your grant, I would be able to complete graduating in the law faculty at St. Helen’s University in Bath. It is very important to me, because after the study period, I could open my own barrister’s office. What’s more, I could also improve my English and prepare for the CPE exam.

I hope, you will think positively about my application and you with be able to make a donation to me.
I look forward to receiving futher information about the grant.

Yours faithfully ,

Chris Gabriel Swyetoslawsky

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