Necessity is the mother of invention

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It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. If we need something, there is always a creative person who invents it. Where would our world be today without all the inventions people made in the past? Inventions make our everyday life easier.

First inventions where very simple. Primitive people produced stone tools, clothes and even tried to construct a shelter. With the passage of time inventions became more complex.
I think the most important inventions ever made are: car, computer and the Internet.

At first people moved from place to place on foot, then they used horses and then invented the car. It enables us to travel quickly over long distance.

The computer can solve complex mathematical problems and put in order thousands of facts. They are used in every walk of life. They can even learn from their mistakes. I can’t imagine a modern car without computer.

The Internet influence our lives even more than the computer. Thanks to it you can study, do shopping, listen to music, pay your bills and even do your work to make a living without leaving home.

Technology is still developing. Certainly new inventions will appear in the future. It is anybody’s guess what they will be and how they will influence our lives.

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