Money make our lifes difficult

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Money makes our life difficult

For ages money has been a significant factor showing the amount of success in human's life and his position in society. The more money one has the higher on the social ladder he is situated. Many have devoted their lifes to gain as much as they only can, but has it brought happiness in their lifes?

This topic gave me food for thought. Never have I considered money as the most essential part of our existence, but now I am becoming convinced and aware of the fact that it creates our character and behaviour but first and foremost determines almost every our decision.
People tend to have more and more. Most of them work hard to cope with various and unexpected expenses. It gives them sense of fulfilment and security for future. Of course not every one is honest. There would certainly be someone for whom temptation of becoming rich in illegal and risky way is too powerful to reject.

Furthermore money has an inexplicable influence on people. It has power to make our drawbacks less important or even erase them. Almost no one will pay attention to it provided that our wallet is full of notes and credit cards.
Consequently money as also lack of it generates many complicated situations leading to stress, marriage break up or even death. It shapes our view on the world around us and affects us so strongly that we are able to reveal the most immoral and evil features of our character only to get it.

Summing up, I have to admit I have not decided yet whether being a millionaire or a pauper is worse. What is weird, money itself does not give joy or contentment but are useful in life. It depends on the person what would he do with the money and also what money would do with him.

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