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I live in a quite big one-family house. It is situated in a very beautiful region in the mountains. It’s not far from Zakopane - only 10 km, so it doesn’t take much time when I want to do for example shopping. In addition the neighbourhood is very silent and peaceful and I don’t have to worry about loud music at night.

Next to the house there is a huge garden with plenty of flowers and trees among which is placed a small pond with colourful fish. The house has 2 floors. On the first there are a kitchen, bathroom and living room with fireplace where I am used to spend lots of time watching TV. On the second floor there are 3 small children room, a bathroom and a big sleeping room. I have also a lot of space in the cellar, so last year I decided to redecorate it to a recreation room. I placed there a pooltable, some armchairs and big round wooden table. I often organize meetings with my friends there. I really enjoy living there. In my house, there is swimming pool, so that I and my family can go swimming every day.

In my opinion this is a most beautiful place all over the world. I would live there with my family and have lots of room, so that my friends could come to stay with me. When I come back home from work after a tiring day I can always relax in my house and I never get bored. There is so much to do. In my garden, I have a barbecue, so that I can have

You can play with dog in the garden or play a pool with friends. But what I enjoy most is sitting in front of the fireplace. It really makes me feel good and helps me to chill out. I would never move out even if I could live big house in sunny.

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