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BEST Personnel Consultants
Ul. Dobra 78
0-678 Warszawa

Warsaw, July 11, 2003

Dear Sirs,

Please find enclosed below my current resume.

I am currently looking for new challenges and development opportunities, and thus I am actively searching the job market.

I am confident that the professional experience that I have obtained will help bring about the development and success of my future employer.

Why is it worth employing me?

At work I am known as a person with initiative. I have influenced lots of changes and have had a tremendous impact on the smooth running of the company that I currently work for.

In the department that I am running I have introduced new procedures regulating its efficient and effective functioning. An example of a long-term vision of the area that I am managing can be seen in my initiative to create a company training programme. This has also reduced their training costs.

My initiative can be seen not only in the area I am directly responsible for, but also in other areas of the company such as reception and administration. My ideas have helped to see through changes in the company’s image and security, such as the installation of an access control system and updated telephone network.

In recognition of my work I was promoted into the management team and I was charged with creating a Work Counselling Centre from scratch.

I am a well organised person with very good analytical skills. At the sometime I have an overall vision of the company. My character and professionalism is appreciated by my colleagues and in their opinion, I am an excellent team member.

My objective is to continue a career in HR as I `ve shown that I can be successful in a stressful environment.
I thrive on responsibility and enjoy the ability to influence the running of a company.
I look forward to discussing my achievements and future possibilities in more detail with you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Agata Koniecpolska

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