Recenzja polskiego programu telewizyjnego.

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„Kuba Wojewódzki” is a controversial polish TV show with Kuba Wojewódzki as the main presenter. It goes every Sunday at 22.00 in polsat channel. Jan Maria Rokita, Wojciech Cejrowski, “Frytka”, Jerzy Dziewulski and many other polish famous and well known people have been honored to meet him in his show.

Kuba concerns on showing people how exactly well known politicians, movie strars,
Singers and many other famous people are. Their opinions and views on our
times and life are touched on. The show usually reaches a breathtaking climax as a result of
Kuba’s special sense of humor, directly asking questions touching on tabu without no inhibition. His specific points of view, manners and behaviour makes the show controversial, and in that way the show attracts a big number of viewers. Also he always asks new music bands to join his show as a promotion for new types of music.

Many people who have watched his show are keen on continuing such a program, on the other hand there are people who say that Kuba is rude, unpolite, and has no manners. The truth is that people needs such person, a scandalist who confronts with common stereotypes. He is an intelligent man who would handle with “stupid blonde” as easy as with high ranked politician without making an idiot himself.

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