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Many people need some person, which they can admire. They want to live in a way like this person or at least to have some features like their ideal. It could be often for example pop star, politic or world-famous person, but it can be also a member of family or a friend.

For me, the person I admire is Zbigniew Preisner. He’s music composer and He is famous for made music to Krzystof Kieślowski’s films like “Dekalog”, “Double Life Of Veronique” “Three colors: White”, “Three colors: Red” and “Three colors: Blue”. Also beautiful and appreciating masterpiece is “Requiem for my friend” which is in memory of Krzysztof Kieslowski.
I admire him for extraordinary, original and magnificent music, his talent and abilities which create him in my eyes, the best today’s polish music composer.
He proves , that you haven’t to study on Music Academy to make great compositions. He didn’t learn on each schools, didn’t have lectures from music, because as he said: “Music schools destroys identity of artist”. Now, he without problem can write and change big notes for all orchestra!
I’ve noticed that Preisner is very modest: He’s against interviews, and showing in TV. He could be more famous person, but he searching pleasure, satisfaction in his work - not money and fans.
The last feature which impress me is his way of living. Now, he’s living on a country-side in mountains. He can have 10 houses in different countries, but in his opinion then he be “The prison of his own home”. On country-side he can making music in silence, without noise, chaos and haste.

For me Zbigniew Praisner is authority. I admire him for his music, talent, abilities and way of living.

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