Scorpions (jako znak zodiaku)

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People, who were born under this constellation on average are very complicated people: they are gifted with tenderness and sensitivety, together with a large imagination, which have a successful influence on their achievements in art. However sometimes their sensitive character may raise problems comunicating with other people.

The most important thing in their life is their own feelings. Scorpions try to show their concern and cordiality to other people - give them only this, what they would like to get from them. They need to be respected and loved. If they are not, they fall in depression and think they're abject. They are also very exclusive. Girls under this sign are characterized as people with complicated inner life.

The Achilles heel is that Scorpions are convinced that the best way to defend yourself is attacking others, but they don't realise, that sometimes no one is attacking them.

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